MIA ex pack

MIUI Icon Add-on extended

For MIUI 8 on XXHDPI devices (see image below).
Includes more than 13.300 app and activity icons
extending your default MIUI 8 icon theme plus fixing the XXHDPI
icon engine resources that are put in faulty by the Xiaomi developer team.

1) Unlock your bootloader and flash a fully working version of TWRP
2) Make sure you have ~150MB free space on /system
3) Flash MIA ex in TWRP recovery (choose stock or a variation)
4) Reboot and wait
5) Apply default MIUI 8 theme (only if new icons are not set)

MIA ex works best on ROMs like multiROM.me, Xiaomi.eu, globeROM and other custom
MIUI ROMs with root. It may not work good on stock ROMs by Xiaomi.

Credits: Atlantis®, vicing8, ArthurShug, WANTES, MakVitaly, tung91, GrenadeofTacos, t-ryder & many others

I am not responsible for bricked devices and other stuff that could go wrong.
Caution! You flash your device on your own risk!

Remove MIA ex by flashing the provided remover (or reflash/update your ROM).

Show changelogs

Changes v15.0

– added more than 100 icons (includes more than 13.350 icons now)
– changed all Telegram icons to classic style icon
– improved unmount process in updater-script
– MIA ex variations updated of course (will not mention in future)

Changes v14.0

– added ~100 icons
– updated system app icons
– MIA ex variations updated

Changes v13.0

– added ~100 icons
– roundmod variation of v13.0 released
– bellemod variation of v13.0 released

Changes v12.0

– includes more than 13.000 icons now
– fixed/replaced Google Chrome icon

Changes v11.0

– includes ~12.600 icons now
– changed some icons for better look

Changes v10.0

– added ~80 app and activity icons
– changed Poweramp icon
– changed all Youtube icons
– changed default icon background to light color
– remover v2.0 available

Changes v9.0

– added some app and activity icons
– minor fixes
– MIA ex remover available

Changes v8.0

– removed some faulty icons/activities
– fixed some icons and activities
– fixed cleanup in updater-script

Changes v7.0

– optimized PNG compression again
– fixed some icons and activities
– removed ~200 faulty & useless icons/activities
– added some new icons and activities

Changes v6.0

– changes in updater-script (no need to apply theme again after flashing)
– fixed some icons and activities
– added some icons and activities

Changes v5.5

– fixed activity for Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel

Changes v5.0

– includes 12.200 icons now

Changes v4.0

– includes 10.500 icons now

Changes v3.0

– optimized all PNGs (size)
– includes 10.300 icons now
– new mirror

Changes v2.0

– fix MS office word icon
– updated installer script for multidevice support
– added ~2000 icons

MIA ex

Version: 15.0 stock
Size: 126.74 MB
MD5: C65B72061CD4B8885BC0A8BA9AB84BA4

Remover: LINK
Report bugs: LINK
Create icons: LINK

No additional mirrors please!

MIA ex roundmod

Version: 15.0 roundmod variation
Size: 126.98 MB
MD5: 363AE9C9B64BB935E5F5FE799E460C21

Remover: LINK
Report bugs: LINK
Create icons: LINK

No additional mirrors please!

MIA ex bellemod

Version: 15.0 bellemod variation
Size: 126.96 MB
MD5: 79CBAFFB75AC4AAF79DF797F5E57574C

Remover: LINK
Report bugs: LINK
Create icons: LINK

No additional mirrors please!